The factory warranty on your OMODA vehicle is valid for a period of 5 years or 150 000km whichever occurs first, from first registration date.

Servicing Intervals

To ensure your OMODA vehicle always performs optimally, you need to service in accordance with the prescribed service intervals which are:

  • First service to be undertaken at 10 000km or 6 Months, whichever occurs first.
  • Second service to be completed at 25 000km or 12 months after the first service, whichever occurs first.
  • After the second service, the intervals are every 15 000km from last service or 12 months after the last service, whichever occurs first.
  • Chery International allows a leeway of 1500km before or after, or 30 days before or after the prescribed service interval as mentioned above.
1 000 000km/10 Year Engine Warranty

For loyal OMODA customers, Chery International, will offer a 1 000 000km or 10 year engine warranty, provided the terms and conditions are adhered to as set out below. This means, should you follow the terms and conditions of the warranty, the engine of the OMODA vehicle will be covered for an additional 5 Years or 850 000km whichever occurs first.

Terms and conditions:

This policy apply:

  • To the original OMODA owner only.
  • To OMODA vehicles serviced, maintained and repaired with only OMODA original parts by a OMODA approved dealer or service centers.
  • To OMODA vehicles which never missed or were late for a service NO exceptions.
  • To OMODA vehicles of which the service, maintenance and repair history is traceable on Omada’s Dealer Management Systems. Chery International advise you to ensure that your dealer update the OMODA Dealer Management System every time your OMODA vehicle visits the repair and service centers.
  • To all OMODA vehicles except vehicles used in extreme conditions, like taxis and security vehicles.
  • As per all other terms and conditions stipulated in this warranty booklet.
The Warranty will not apply in the following instances:
  • Any work, damages, and/or any parts repaired or replaced by anyone other than an approved OMODA dealer.
  • If the services are not done timeously, in accordance with the prescribed service intervals.
  • Any Omoda vehicle subjected to any form of competitive use.
  • Normal wear and tear, accident damage, negligence, abuse or consequential damage.
  • Damage caused by fitment of non genuine parts, non approved accessories or non approved modifications.
  • Tightening of bolts, screws, nuts and the repair of squeaks and rattles.
  • Damage caused by low levels of lubricant, coolant & anti freeze or hydraulic fluid levels.
  • Shattered, chipped or scratched windscreen glass, rear glass, or door glass.
  • Normal deterioration of interior or exterior trim due to exposure to elements and/or wear and tear.
  • Catalytic converter failure, due to contamination, incorrect fuel usage and overfilling of engine oil.
  • Tyres are warranted by the tyre manufacturer and are covered for the warranty period stipulated by the tire manufacturer. Please contact your OMODA dealer for details of the various tyre brands.
  • Routine wheel alignment and balancing , OMODA International recommends that wheel alignment, balancing and tire rotation be carried out at every 15 000km intervals. The cost will be for the customer’s account.
  • Replacement of bulbs, fuses, lubricants, grease, filters, anti freeze or consumables which is not claim related.
  • Performance related engine tune ups or Dynamometer tuning.
  • Damage caused by overloading, theft, water flooding or fire.
  • Slight irregularities not recognised as affecting quality or function of the vehicle are considered characteristic of the vehicle.
  • Any OMODA vehicle where the odometer mileage has been altered.
  • Airborne “fallout”, industrial fallout, acid rain, salt, hail and windstorms, or other Acts of God.
  • Paint scratches, dents, or similar paint or body damage.
  • Damages caused by road elements (sand, gravel, dust or road debris) which results in stone chipping of paint and glass. Including other damages to parts e.g. Radiators, Air conditioning condenser, etc.
  • Damage caused using contaminated or incorrect fuels.
  • Damage caused by overfilling of fuel and lubricants.
Warranty Dispute

Chery International reserves the right to amend the OMODA Warranty, Service Schedules and related items pertaining to the Warranty Service Policy and Procedure, without prior notification to the customer Chery International will make the final judgement in the event of a warranty dispute between the customer and Chery International. In this regard the decision made by Chery International will be final and binding to the customer.

Warranty period for all the spare parts of the OMODA vehicle, apart from the below listed spare parts, are subject to the warranty period of the OMODA vehicle unless otherwise stated in this booklet.

The following original parts installed on OMODA Vehicles are not covered by warranty:

Wiper blades, clutch plate, brake friction lining, spark plug, air cleaner, engine oil filter, fuel filter, air conditioning filter, bulbs, fuses, lubricating oil, coolant, front and rear windshield are not covered.

The following parts of the OMODA Vehicle will have a limited warranty as below:
1Battery6 months/30000km
2Exhaust silencer box, Three Way Catalytic Converter (Manufacturer defect only)24 months/60000km
3Fuel Injector36 months/60000km
4Brake Disc12 months/30000km
5Brake Caliper36 months/60000km
6Fuel pump36 months/60000km
7Starter36 months/60000km
8Alternator36 months/60000km
9Hub bearing36 months/60000km
10Air condition compressor36 months/60000km
11Shock Absorbers36 months/60000km
Except as limited below or excluded in this booklet, OMODA original Spare Parts purchased from a OMODA dealer will have a 12 month or 30 000km warranty from purchase date.
1Clutch disc3 months/5000km
2Spark plug3 months/5000km
3Brake lining & brake shoe3 months/5000km
4Wiper blade3 months/5000km
The following original parts purchased from a OMODA dealer are not covered by the warranty:

Glass, lubricant, coolant, bulb, fuse, air filter core, oil filter, fuel filter and tire are exclusive from the warranty. All electrical parts purchased from a OMODA dealer do not have warranty cover.

Only OMODA approved accessories purchased from Chery International’s Parts Department will carry a warranty as specified by the supplier thereof. Chery International takes no responsibility for any damage caused by any non approved accessories fitted to an Omoda vehicle or for those accessories itself.


Genuine OMODA accessories will have a warranty of 12 months/30 000km from date of purchase when purchased from a OMODA dealer.

Only OMODA approved accessories purchased from Chery International’s Parts Department will carry a warranty as specified by the supplier thereof. Chery International takes no responsibility for any damage caused by any non approved accessories fitted to an Omoda vehicle or for those accessories itself.


Genuine OMODA accessories will have a warranty of 12 months/30 000km from date of purchase when purchased from a OMODA dealer.

Chery International recommend only unleaded fuels to be used in all OMODA petrol vehicles and do not recommend or authorize the use of any fuel additives.


Should the incorrect or contaminated fuel be used in a Omoda vehicle, the warranty claim will be rejected, and the relevant parts will not be covered for the remainder of the warranty term. Chery International reserve the right to do fuel tests and if it is found that fuels are contaminated the cost for testing will be for the customers account including the relevant repairs.

Fuel Consumption

The fuel consumption figure on the decal of the OMODA vehicle is an estimation and has been calculated as follows:


The fuel economy measurements are made with the vehicle driven on a rolling road dynamometer in a chamber under controlled atmospheric and temperature conditions The fuel consumption is measured as the vehicle is driven through a standard set of acceleration and stop cycles The “Combined Cycle” consists of an “Urban Cycle” with the vehicle going through ‘stops’, ‘and’ reaching a maximum speed of 50 km/h and an “Extra Urban Cycle” in which a speed of 80 to 100 km/h is maintained with 120 km/h being briefly reached Vehicle load is set at 100 kg (one average sized adult) while a pre loaded rolling resistance is applied which includes the vehicles aerodynamic drag A standard 95 RON unleaded petrol fuel is used The detailed procedure for conducting the test is a South African National Standard pre requisite.



Road conditions, load, temperature and driving style are factors that all influence your Omada’s (and ANY other vehicle’s) fuel consumption A fuel consumption test can be carried out by your OMODA dealer upon request.

Please refer to the OMODA owner’s manual in order to familiarize yourself with the safety and audio system of the OMODA vehicle, including the airbag supplemental restraint system (if applicable) The airbag is a safety critical part that does not need regular maintenance but if the OMODA vehicle is older than 10 years it is recommended to have the system inspected and replaced by an approved OMODA dealer

The liability under the warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of OMODA Spare Parts to correct any material defect or manufacturing workmanship in the OMODA vehicle or OMODA parts by an authorized OMODA dealer at its place of business.

Any further claims(other than gross negligence on the part of Chery International) are excluded, especially (in particular):

  • Any economic loss including (without limitation) payment for the loss of time or pay, inconvenience, loss of vehicle use, vehicle rental expense, lodging bills, food, other travel cost, storage charges and other incidental or consequential loss or damage, such as fuel, telephone , travel, loading inconvenience, commercial and/or personal loss and loss of the use of the vehicle.
  • Any common law rights and remedies.

This Roadside Assist service is for the warranty period of the OMODA vehicle, from date of first vehicle registration. Chery International have entered into an agreement with AA Roadside Assist , to offer the following benefits that will be paid for by Chery International unless otherwise stated. This service is nationwide and available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year.

Services offered include:

  • Flat batteries jumpstart or replacement of batteries.
  • Flat tyre assistance.
  • Vehicles running out of fuel (maximum of 10 Liters) excluding instances where this occurs as a result of faulty fuel gauge, will not be covered under this agreement. The cost thereof will be for the customer’s account.
  • Locksmith Assistance will be covered on all OMODA vehicles.
  • In the event of a breakdown of the covered OMODA vehicle, the AA will arrange for the towing of the OMODA vehicle to the nearest approved OMODA dealer.

Should you, request that the OMODA vehicle is towed to another destination than the closest approved OMODA dealer, the difference or total cost will be for the customer’s account.


No provision is made for the repatriation of a OMODA vehicle in the event of a breakdown.


AA 24 Hour Service Tel: 086 150 5555

Chery International highly recommend that you service and maintain your OMODA vehicle only at an approved OMODA dealer or service center.

By not servicing, maintaining or repairing your OMODA vehicle at an approved OMODA dealer or service center you put the value an d the warranty of your OMODA vehicle at risk.


Should you choose not to service, maintain or repair your OMODA vehicle at an approved dealer or service center you should ta ke note of the following:

  • Your vehicle’s Trade value for future resale may decrease.
  • There is the potential risk that certain provisions of the Warranty on the OMODA Vehicle may become invalid or void.
  • The 1 000 000km/10 Year warranty will immediately be cancelled.
  • There shall be no obligation on Chery International to pay for any service and maintenance work.
  • It is your sole responsibility to ensure that all the work done on your OMODA vehicle is traceable and you are obliged to ens ure that records of such In Warranty work is recorded in the Vehicle’s Service Books or equivalent. No records will be available on the Omoda Dealer Management System and APP.
  • Chery International reserves the right to request an invoice for work done, other than by an approved dealer or service center, reflecting the ISP’s registration and VAT number and insist on proof of membership of an accredited organization such as RMI and others.
  • Accordingly, ISPs shall disclose to consumers, in clear and explicit terms, the risk of damage that could arise from the ISP’s work, including Consequential Damage to the OMODA Vehicle, which may potentially void certain obligations of Chery International in terms of the Warranty.
  • ISPs must disclose to consumers, whether they have adequate commercial insurance cover to perform the work that they will be und ertaking on the Motor Vehicle.
  • Chery International may conduct an assessment of damage and liability at their earliest convenience, only at the premises of an approved dealer and reserve the right to use any third parties for any test of components of the vehicle or the vehicle itself.